February 15, 2017 — Digital Exclusive

’Hoo Are You?

A look at UVA’s alumni, by the numbers

The University of Virginia has more than 230,000 living alumni. Take a look at how alumni demographics have changed over the past six decades, as well as where alumni live and what they do professionally. The data, self-reported by alumni, come from the University of Virginia Office of Engagement. Using the “” menu bar below, view the data by decade and interact with the maps to learn more about fellow Wahoos.

All Living Alumni

Number of living alumni


Industry Self-reported by alumni

Position Level Self-reported by alumni

Self-Employed Self-reported by alumni


Legacy Parents


Living in the United States

Alumni Living Abroad

Alumni by sex Self-reported by alumni

Alumni by race Self-reported by alumni

Note: The composition of “unknown” has changed over the decades as reporting on race has improved. In earlier decades through the 1970s, when the “unknown” label is applied to almost the entire University population, it’s fair to assume the makeup of “unknown” is predominantly white. In later decades, with a more diverse student population, the makeup of “unknown” has likely become more diverse.